Company History
2013   Oct. We displayed at "Mechatronics Technology Japan 2013" .

We affiliated with The Japan Machine Tool Distributors Association as a maker supporting member.

2009   Feb. We displayed at "PV EXP2009"
      We displayed at "Oota Industrial Fare 2009"
2008   Jul. We disaplayed at "PV JAPAN"
2007   Dec. TSK Service Co., Ltd. was established.
This company succeeded the after-sale service section in our sales department.
Nov. We newly established the third plant in Honhaneda 1-chome, Ohta-ku. Its 1st floor is an assembly plant and 2nd floor a sheet-metal plant.
2006   Jan. We were elected as the hearing company of TANKAN of the Bank of Japan.
2001   Sep. We built the new main office and assembly plant in Honhaneda 2-chome, Ohta-ku, Tokyo. The former main plant became a sheet-metal and paint plant.

We held the anniversary event and party to commemorate the 40th anniversary of its founding at Big Bird of Haneda Airport Building.

2000   Jul. We increased the capital to 50 million yen.


With our technology and achievement approved to qualify for membership and with recommendation from the current member company, we joined and became a member of Japan Machine Tool Builders’ Association, an industry organization of machine tools.
1993   Jun. We increased the capital to 10 million yen.
1987   Feb. We terminated the second plant, newly established a machinery plant dedicated to partial processing in Higashi-kohjiya, Ohta-ku and consolidated the second plant into this new plant.
1982   Jun. We opened a showroom in Haginaka, Ohta-ku, Tokyo.
1980   Jun. We changed the corporation body to a stock company with the development of our business. Following the line of slicing machines, we developed large rotary surface grinders. We started to manufacture high-density cutting machines with thin diamond grinding wheel for IC-related silicon, ceramics and ferritic core.
1978   Dec. We established a main plant in Honhaneda 1-chome, Ohta-ku and consolidated the Haginaka plant. We developed large slicing machines and started selling a line of slicing machines.
1975   Jan. We achieved a complete independence from subcontracting and started manufacturing and sale of machine tools(Rptary slicing machine / Surface grinding machine).
1973   Apr. We built the second plant in Nishi-kohjiya, Ohta-ku, Tokyo.
1964   Apr. We newly established an assembly plant in Haginaka, Ohta-ku, Tokyo. In addition, we developed and started manufacturing slicing machines based on the request from DISCO Corporation.
1961   Apr. we had become a major subcontractor and changed the corporation body to a private limited company with the technology evolution.
1955     Our first president spun off from the Machine Tools Department of Keihin Ironworks Co., Ltd. and established Tokyo Seiki Kosakusho Co., Ltd. with 3 million yen in capital.
We first manufactured machine tools as a subcontractor of Sansei Manufacturing Co., Ltd.